Letters for Sponsors

Our preschool children at VOH Maramvya cannot write yet, but they like to draw something special for their sponsors.

Prayer Week

At VOH Maramvya, our staff devoted time to prayer throughout the week before the students return for the second term next week.

School Feeding Program

The children come to the Centre in the morning, have their breakfast before school, and then come back again at around noon for lunch.

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin, a new teacher at our VOH Maramvya school. Kevin holds a University diploma from the University of Burundi’s English Department.

Beginning Term 2!

The second term plays a particularly critical role in the school year.

Local Women Volunteer

A group of dedicated women who had seen the need volunteered to do the work for us, free of charge!

Donavine Gets Married!

Donavine has been a dedicated part of our VOH Bwiza staff for eight years! She is a great blessing to the children under her care.

Donated Seeds

Our recent visitors from Canada surprised us with a donation of seeds, including corn, beans, peas, cabbage, and squash!

Tutoring Lessons

When classes finish each day, VOH Bwiza students return to the VOH Centre and attend additional tutoring lessons.

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