Alain’s Story

VOH Bwiza would like you to meet Alain. Alain lives in one of our children’s homes at the Centre.

In 2008, Alain’s mother was sick and unable to care for him, so he began spending a lot of time on his own, looking for any generous person willing to help him. There were times when Alain couldn’t find anyone to provide him with something to eat, and so he would look for whatever food he could find on the streets of the city.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before a special lady in the community saw Alain and told him he and his siblings should come to her home for lunch every day from then on. They built a special relationship, and not long after, Alain’s mother passed away despite many medical interventions. The generous lady invited Alain and his siblings to come and live with her in her tiny rented one-room house, and they stayed there for two years until someone connected them to VOH. Today Alain is healthy and happy and thankful to have joined the VOH family.

Alain has just completed grade 7, and he says he would like to become a medical doctor when he graduates!

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