Visitors from Winnipeg!

At VOH Bwiza, we are blessed to have Dennis and In-Kwon from Cross Church in Winnipeg with us for a few days. During their time with us, they have been enjoying special moments with our VOH kids and staff.

In-Kwon has been holding training sessions with our teachers and other staff, focusing on workshops in mathematics and engineering. His training sessions will help our teachers as they pass on what they learn to their students. Dennis is the co-founder of VOH Bwiza, and one of the highlights of his visit was when he met the daughter of Diane, who came to VOH when she was in grade 8!

Diane graduated in 2019 and was married in 2020. She was so excited to introduce her baby to Dennis, who has known Diane since she joined the VOH family! It is always a privilege to receive visitors!

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