VOH Bwiza

Celebrating Graduates!

All 5 graduates say they are grateful for VOH’s dedication in helping them reach graduation and make their dreams a reality.

Thank You, Teachers!

Each day after classes, VOH Bwiza students come to our VOH Centre to receive a nutritious meal and participate in our extra tutoring.

Visiting with Family

During the school break at VOH Bwiza, children living in our children’s homes were allowed to visit their relatives in nearby communities.

Felix Draws Aunty Nancy

Felix drew a picture of Auntie Nancy (VOH Africa’s Director of Development), and we couldn’t believe the resemblance!

Alain’s Story

VOH Bwiza would like you to meet Alain. Alain lives in one of our children’s homes at the Centre. In 2008, Alain’s mother was sick and unable to care for him, so he began spending a lot of time on his own, looking for any generous person willing to help him. There were times when …

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