VOH Bwiza

School Feeding Program

The children come to the Centre in the morning, have their breakfast before school, and then come back again at around noon for lunch.

Beginning Term 2!

The second term plays a particularly critical role in the school year.

Donavine Gets Married!

Donavine has been a dedicated part of our VOH Bwiza staff for eight years! She is a great blessing to the children under her care.

Tutoring Lessons

When classes finish each day, VOH Bwiza students return to the VOH Centre and attend additional tutoring lessons.

Visitors from Winnipeg!

At VOH Bwiza, we are blessed to have Dennis and In-Kwon from Cross Church in Winnipeg with us for a few days.

Welcome, Melouck!

We are excited to introduce our new housemother, Melouck. Donavine, our former housemother is getting married next week.

Celebrating Graduates!

All 5 graduates say they are grateful for VOH’s dedication in helping them reach graduation and make their dreams a reality.

Thank You, Teachers!

Each day after classes, VOH Bwiza students come to our VOH Centre to receive a nutritious meal and participate in our extra tutoring.

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