Celebrating Graduates!

All 5 graduates say they are grateful for VOH’s dedication in helping them reach graduation and make their dreams a reality.

New Classrooms

Students and teachers alike are so happy to see how nice the buildings look and are so excited to learn in them!

Thank You, Teachers!

Each day after classes, VOH Bwiza students come to our VOH Centre to receive a nutritious meal and participate in our extra tutoring.

New School Bags!

Each VOH Maramvya student will receive a bag containing all the school materials they’ll need for success.

Visiting with Family

During the school break at VOH Bwiza, children living in our children’s homes were allowed to visit their relatives in nearby communities.

Preparing for School Startup

The new school year starts next week at VOH Maramvya, and we are frequently meeting as we prepare for the student’s return!

Helping Out at Home

We teach students that it’s important to always help their parents and guardians around their home, like washing the dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, and fetching water.

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